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What causes yellowing and/or fabric damage?

Exposure to heat or the passage of time may cause stains from food, drinks and other oily substances to oxidize and discolour your clothes to a yellow or brown colour. At this point it is more difficult to remove garment stains.

Certain chemicals found in antiperspirants, perfumes and household cleaners can react with clothing; this can be a problem for shirts and blouses in particular.

It is therefore recommended that your garments are cleaned soon after use without long periods of time left for these chemicals to work on the fabric.
Morgan Heights Cleaner’s goal is to maintain high industry standards and quality of service and is only reinforced by our cutting-edge dry-cleaning equipment which removes soils and stains from our fabric in an environmentally safe manner. We take pride in the fact that all of our equipment and processes meet, and in most cases, exceed environmental standards set out by Environment Canada.