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Cleaning Policy and Care Tips

Frequent cleaning does not damage garments; in fact it extends the life of your clothes by removing stains and ground in dirt that can cause fiber abrasion.

Many stains dry clear. Therefore, you cannot see them and once they are left untreated they can oxidize. Once a stain has oxidized it is very challenging to remove.

Garments with a pile (mohair, angora, cashmere) tend to pill. These garments need to be processed regularly to avoid damage to the fibers.

Outerwear is especially susceptible to the atmosphere. There are many elements in the air that can cause damage to garments. Dirt, soil, light and other debris that can build up on a garment and cause abrasion as well as color changes.

Dry cleaning is a method to remove soiling and stains by using a solvent instead of water. This is a very effective way to remove stains, without adversely changing the garment shape and altering the texture and the color of the fabric materials.

The term “dry cleaning” is misleading; it is called dry cleaning because the solvent contains no water and does not penetrate the fibers as water does. Dry cleaning uses solvent to remove soil and stains from fabric. When combined with detailed stain removal, the cleaning process of the solvent rinses and flushes away the impurities present on a garment. Leaving the garment fresh and free of odor.