Morgan Heights Cleaners

Wedding Gowns & Dresses Cleaned and Preserved


Most brides would like their wedding gown restored to a pristine condition. Whether you wish to preserve your wedding gown or are going to sell it, we provide the service and unmatched expertise that you require.

A wedding gown is perhaps the most special garment a woman will ever own. We understand this, and for this reason we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service in the cleaning of your wedding gown which is performed in the following five stages:

Stage 1
Your gown will be inspected prior to cleaning to gauge what treatment will benefit it best.

Stage 2
Your wedding gown will then be pre spotted and treated for specific stain removal and the hem and underskirt treated for mud, grass and general ground dirt. This process takes between one to two hours.

Stage 3
After pre-treating, your gown will be cleaned using the appropriate equipment and materials.

Stage 4
Your wedding gown is re-inspected for any marks that may have become visible after the cleaning process. The whole cycle will be repeated until we are completely satisfied that we have achieved the optimum results. Only then is the gown steam pressed.

Stage 5
Finally, your wedding gown goes on to be packed in a wedding gown garment bag or packaged in acid free tissue in a specially designed storage box.

Cleaning and preserving your bridal gown as soon as possible ensures that your gown remains in the best condition possible.

Wedding gowns are priced individually based on how elaborate the gown, it’s purchase price and the amount of work required before processing.

Please call us on 778-294-0786 for more information on cleaning and prices.

Alternatively email us at [email protected] giving us a full description of your wedding gown: the make, material, style, whether it is badly stained, whether it has a train, etc. With this information we can usually provide fairly accurate pricing estimates without seeing the dress.