Morgan Heights Cleaners

Hand Bag Cleaning and Repairs & Restoration


At Morgan Heights we are proud to offer a handbag cleaning service for your treasured bags or purses.
Whether they are plain, leather, suede or covered in sequins and beads, we are able to clean them.



Professional purse cleaning is performed entirely by hand and requires skill and experience. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the construction material, type and extent of soil. Your handbag cleaning specialist must know how to deal with a great variety of fabrics, as well as the proper cleaning of leather and suede purses. A typical shoe repair company is not equipped to address the varied materials and types of soil found on most purses.


Purse cleaning procedures may include the following:

• Individual stain removal
• Hand clean outer surfaces
• Hand clean lining
• Hand clean strap and hardware
• Dye rejuvenation (if applicable)
• Steam finishing
• Stain repellant (if desired)
• All shampoos and treatment that are used are organic and eco-friendly.

LV-bag-before-and-after chanel-shoes-before-and-after BV-wallet-before-and-after